Celebrity Chef - Alessandro Stratta

Celebrity Chef - Alessandro Stratta

  • Danielle Claroni
  • 04/8/22

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Greenwich's own Award Winning Celebrity Chef - Alessandro Stratta, aka Alex.

Have a short watch to see what goodness may be coming our way!


Transcribed Below

Christian - Well, everybody out there in TV land, this is Christian Perry and Danielle Claroni from the “Claroni and Perry Team” at Sotheby's International Realty. We have a very special guest/sibling sitting right next to us. Happens to be just a celebrity executive chef who you might have seen on Iron Chef, Top Chef Masters, Beat Bobby Flay, Guy’s Grocery Games. The list goes on and on and on, and there are a few more in the can, as a hint right now. Okay. Well, what makes this interview special is that he is a Greenwich native and he used to work at, Manero’s Steakhouse.

All right.

Well, thank you for being here.

Alex - I appreciate it.

Christian - And thank you for coming all the way from Scottsdale just for this interview. Just Kidding. But the cool thing about this, is that this is Danielle’s brother. Yes, baby brother. And so we just want to talk about the evolution from Greenwich to possibly coming full circle back to Greenwich. Fingers crossed. So can you tell us a little bit about where did you work, or how did you get into cooking and Greenwich altogether?

Alex - My father was, we were living here - fourth generation hotel and restaurant business. And I decided to start from the beginning and go to Manero’s and then work there as a dishwasher. And then I was promoted to the pantry guy, or the salad guy, and I worked there for a few years. And I fell in love with the restaurant business, so I decided to pursue it. I ended up going to California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. I was working at the Stanford Court at the time. I worked at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a lot of great hotels in California.

Then I proceeded to move to Monte Carlo, Monaco, and I worked at a three star Michelin restaurant there called “Le Louis XV” (Alain Ducasse) I fell in love with French, Italian, Mediterranean cooking.

Christian - And now is that because that's like in your family? How come you didn't end up going to school for architecture?

Alex - Well, you know, I thought it would be a lot more exciting and fun doing a chef thing rather than doing an office thing, you know, I really felt that that's where the action was in the hotel business, and I got good at it.

Christian – Was your family in the hotel business?

Alex - Yes, my parents were all my father was and his grandfather and his father as well. So it goes back deep. But nobody in the kitchen, you know. So I decided it was something that I would pursue and I fell in love with in a very early age and was very lucky to land my first big job after working at Le Cirque in New York a few years.

Christian – Wow! Been there.

Alex - And I went to open the “Phoenician Resort” in Scottsdale, and I got my first Executive Chef job when I was 24, and I was there for about ten years until I was taken from there two months back to out to Las Vegas to work with Steve Wynn, where I had a two star Michelin restaurant called “Alex. “

Christian - I want a restaurant called Perry’s

Alex - And I was in Las Vegas for about 14 years.

Christian – Alright, so you’re saying I have to start as a dishwasher and make salads, and then I'll get there?

Alex – That’s one way, or just have a wealthy family to buy you a restaurant. And then I moved back to Scottsdale to be closer.

Christian - And that's where you are now, and that's great. So what are you working on now?

Alex - I have a restaurant called Campo, which is a very casual family type Italian restaurant, all fresh pasta and pizza.  Something that I want to duplicate and hopefully be able to bring one here.

Christian - And during all this, you still find time to be on TV.

Alex - I make time.

Christian - Can you can you let us know what's coming up next?

Alex - Sure. “Guys Grocery Games” should be coming out momentarily.

Christian – New Episode?

Alex - Yes, it's called the “Tournament of Champions of Guy’s Grocery Games”. It takes the previous winners. And I had won a couple of times before. So they brought us in. All the winners and the different shows compete against each other for $15,000 cash prize.

Christian - So so Danielle, give us a little dirt on him. Was he like a jerk when he was a kid.

Danielle – Oh no he was a star athlete, and he was he was a really great kid. He was my favorite brother. Only had one.

Christian - All bubblegum, bubblegum and lollipops here. Let's try to get something juicy.

Danielle – He was a great kid.

Christian - And I'm sure you're very proud of your little brother. Well, let's get him back to Greenwich.

Danielle – Yes, I've been working on it.

 Christian -  All right. We might have a “Campo” near you. So thank you for joining us, everybody.

Thank you for coming by.

Alex - Thank you so much.

Christian - I appreciate it. Congratulations on all the accolades and like momentum!

Thank you. Christian Perry and Danielle Claroni the ClaroniandPerryTeam.com here at Sotheby's International Realty.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



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