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Calm and sophisticated area with lovely natural views

Glenville is a quiet, affluent suburb within the historic Greenwich area of Connecticut. Widely regarded as one of the most popular places to live within the state, homebuyers flock to this area for its charming atmosphere and magnificent homes. Here, wealthy neighborhoods are packed with multi-million dollar homes that feature detailed architecture, perfectly maintained landscaping and elegant interiors. The homes are sizable, but they are spread out so communities never feel crowded. With all of this and more, it is clear that this sophisticated town is the perfect place for homebuyers who desire a tasteful and prestigious life.

What to Love

  • Sprawling properties with breathtaking natural views
  • Quaint, quiet area that maintains a small-town charm
  • Convenient proximity to larger, busier areas such as NYC

Local Lifestyle

Glenville residents tend to live chic, relaxed lives. They enjoy this area as it is a luxe oasis away from the hustle of nearby cities. Far away from the energy of more populated areas, locals are able to live life at a slower pace.

Glenville residents also live rich, diversified lives. Locals enjoy the finer things and are open to new experiences. This educated community chooses to enlighten themselves when they encounter something new, making for a very cultured community.

Dining, Entertainment, and Shopping

Glenville and its surrounding areas have plenty of incredible restaurants, bars, and nightlife options for residents to explore. Rebecca’s is one favorite spot among locals. This restaurant serves New American fare with a twist, as seen by some of their most popular dishes. The dining atmosphere is modern and minimalistic, making for a romantic ambiance that is perfect for special occasions. When dining here, be sure to try their exquisite mix of entrees, such as the grilled Nantucket Bay scallops, the lobster with lemon risotto, or the French Périgold black truffles with handmade fettuccine. It is recommended to explore their curated wine list to pair with the meal.
Pasta Vera is another incredible nearby restaurant. Bringing authentic Italian dishes to the heart of Connecticut, Pasta Vera is an exceptional spot for residents craving pasta, pizza, and wine. With a modern and romantic dining room, the ambiance is perfect for a date night. The menu features plenty of savory dishes made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, and some recommended entrees to include the pomodoro fresco, linguini pescatore, and Vitello Raphael.
Glenville has an abundance of charming boutiques and mainstream retailers. One notable spot to discover unique finds is Old Greenwich. Here, locals can find eclectic clothing retailers, rustic-chic shops selling home goods, and stylish thrift shops. With a smaller, more local shopping scene, Old Greenwich is the perfect spot to find one-of-a-kind pieces and gifts.

Things to Do

Glenville and the larger Greenwich area have tons for residents to do! Within Glenville neighborhoods specifically, it is very common for residents to spend time exercising, horseback riding, and enjoying outdoor time with their families in their leisure time. In the larger Greenwich area, there are plenty of unique spots to seek out, and the Bruce Museum is a great option. With both an art and natural history exhibition space, this museum promotes a better cultural understanding of the arts and sciences. The museum also frequently has educational programs and hosts frequent events for visitors. If you’re looking to get inspired, the Bruce Museum is a great place to start.


Glenville and its surrounding areas have a wide array of impressive schools for parents and their children to consider. One particularly exceptional school in the area is Sacred Heart Greenwich. This private, all-girls college preparatory school has a fantastic reputation and has shown incredible academic progress among students. Teaching students ranging from grades K-12, the faculty at Sacred Heart encourages girls to complete a rigorous curriculum while also preparing them to take on leadership roles in academic settings and beyond.


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